The Alanna Smit Structural Design experience is all about creating effortlessly beautiful homes that are a joy to live in. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure their vision and their own trademark style and personality is echoed throughout every corner of their home.

While aesthetics and the creation of beautiful spaces are high on our agenda, we also strive to make clever use of space and create astute storage solutions; uniting the practical with the beautiful. It’s our hope that this design philosophy – combining pragmatic, contemporary design with attention to elegant, beautiful finishes – resonates from each of our projects.

The Alanna Smit Structural Interiors home is an evolving space, designed to accommodate changing trends yet maintain its timeless structure. Our signature interior style is typically an elegant canvass with hidden, bespoke storage solutions punctuated by artistically appointed talking points – a striking light fitting, unique – often bespoke joinery, mindfulness to landscaping and light….

Together with my husband, master builder Mike Smit ( we strive to create beautiful, inviting. homes that feel resolved, with character and layers that tell a story about the owners, making the space all the more comfortable, interesting and welcoming.